White Roman Sprue Letter Set - 3"

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    Product Information

    These changeable 3" High WHITE plastic letters come in standard Roman font type style. They are designed to fit any manufacturer's 1/4" grooved letter boards in either Vinyl or Felt grooved boards. Vinyl is for both indoor and outdoor use.

    WHITE plastic changeable letters come packaged in a SPRUE TREE. Simply twist or use a scissor to break them off the branch and drop them into your storage bag or box (not included) for reuse.

    Sprue sets, come in an assortment of letter and number sizes, including commas, periods, dashes and enable you to mix and match for designing menus, directories and messages.

    Product Specifications

    • 3" High, White Plastic Letters
    • Comes in a Sprue Set
    • Roman Font Style Letters
    • Precision-molded, changeable Plastic Letters
    • Letters features single tab at bottom of characters
    • Letters are inserted into 1/4" spaced grooved letter boards
    • Fits any standard letterboard
    • 145 Assorted letters, numbers and symbols, see character breakdown visual